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It's May 2013 : Let's catch up- Pull up a chair, this is a long one. 

Most days? It's work, school, gym, sports, home, snuggle, bed.  

Rinse, Lather & repeat. 

Every once in awhile, something triggers a memory - a need to confirm a fact or a date -  next thing you know - BAM! it's 2 hours later and I've read the entire archives of this website. 

I love to revisit those memories. THOSE BABIES, the worry, the happy,  the funny - I remember.

I remember writing it and for the love of God I remember LIVING it. And it was HARD. and it was Awesome. and Now? It's DIFFERENT.

Remember that time Aiden lost his tooth? When Cole was 11? or when Emily was first diagnosed with a heart condition? 

Each time I start tripping down memory lane,  I growl at the lack of updates- I hiss a promise to my future self,  I WILL DO BETTER. I make mental notes to RECORD THE NOW. Since I started this blog in 2005 - it has never been easier. Cell phones pics and videos..And yet, here we are. No updates for that last 2 months. 

LIFE takes over and we forget. Can't see the forest because of the trees, kind of thing. We lose focus of the big picture becuase the day to day takes over. 

The day to day - the mundane - the parts that are the same? but change?  THOSE are the parts we want to remember. Someday when we re read this life story, it will be so familiar but SO FOREIGN.

It's a past life, but one worth remembering.  It will be worth it to our future selves to record this time,  so if we choose, we can look back and say - I know NOW why THAT is so important. OR to laugh at our old self  - and mock that needless worry. 

So - enough about the WHY. Let's start with the WHO and the WHAT. 

In order from Tallest to Smallest... 

Daniel. : Ahh - Master Weldon - He has been thru MANY changes in the last few years. He moved from a very familiar yet uncertin career over to a State Position that was not familiar (or any FUN AT ALL) but VERY stable. This lasted a little over a year, then he was whooed back to his former company with an increase in salary and tons of room for growth.  A win/win.

He still plays in the over 30 league for Basketball and for all intents and puposess is a healthy guy. * I am super lucky I get to parent these children with this guy- Together we are a perfect balance. Seperate? we would screw these poor children up in a heartbeat.  

O, let's be clear. Not everyday is rainbows and unicorns - we work super freaking hard to be on the same page. But 3 weeks away from our 11 year anniversary, I'm confident saying that we do an awesome freaking job keeping our shit together..

*that is enough for tonight, but I forgot how much I missed putting together the words to best describe out little tribe. I hope to be back tomorrow. 

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