5 Years ago I started an online scrapbook as an easy access "baby book" for my family.

It has evolved from baby to toddler & teen scrap book. I like to think of it as more of a blackmail site.

My kids are strange. I am the mother so I get to say that. They are freaking weird.

I take pictures of them and post funny stories so that some day when I'm old and gray I'll be able to say "Ahh.. Remember When.. " and click thru our history.

Hopefully I will remember to post and update frequently so we don't forget this time.

 My People:

Husband: The Husband/Dan

Babies: Coley 16  Emily 7 and Aiden 5

Sisters: Casey and Danielle : Bro in Law Randy and Danielle's man Gatti.

Nephews : Casey's 4 Boys Christopher, Kurt, Garron, and Ty.