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Aiden: Sept. 11, 2011

He had strep and spent the day on the couch.

We watched the coverage on Good Morning America of the 9/11 Memorial wrapped in blankets.

It was so hard.

He asked  a lot of questions & because he was sick and has NO ATTENTION SPAN, I wasn’t overly concerned he would be be emotionally scarred.

I needed him to watch this because I wanted to be the one to shape his initial memory of 9/11/2011. I wanted to make sure it had nothing to do with anyone else’s agenda. It was a sad time, many people died and we must remember in order to honor their sacrifice.

When he’s older he can learn the details but for right now that was enough.

Robin Roberts from Good Morning America was explaining the thought process that went behind the placement of names on the memorial. Requests for co-worker names to be placed together were honored in order for friends to remain “together” .

Aiden looked at me , his eyes filled with tears, and said “ if that was your name on those stones Mom, I would bring you a pillow and blanket from home and sleep there so you would never be alone”.

AFTER I finished balling like a baby.

I promised him I wouldn’t ever leave him. BUT if I DID : I wanted him to promise me to live a long happy life and one day he when he was home sick with his child he would laugh and remember his MOM and then it would be like I was always there.

He promised. I cried. Then we made some breakfast.


2011 Back to school!

Day 1 of 180 school days

They are READY!!



Hurricane Irene will be here tomorrow. Emily & I took time to make her a Welcome Sign! My girl likes nothing more than an excuse to use large amounts of paint.

It's been forecasted to be a tropical storm by the time it hits tomorrow. I hope we are still having fun when the power goes out!



It’s been so long. I feel like I should introduce myself.

How about I just lay out my lame excuse for not keeping a record of our family history?

OK. Here’s the skinny..

I’m a working women now.  I HAVE NO TIME.

I took a job at our local college as basically a dental receptionist and I’m still working from home for the insurance agency AND it’s summertime..



He is still my baby and I can still pick him up.


Aiden is 6. He likes to be six because “it is close to 10 and when he’s 10 he can get a Nintendo DS”  He is about 50ish pounds and since it’s summertime he roams the house wearing a mostly damp bathing suit and no shirt.  All of his baby chubb is gone, he has long arms and legs with SOME abs definition showing thru. He lost most of his baby teeth in the front, and dude is going thru an awkward teeth stage. Most kids do this at age 10ish, but he’s ADVANCED.

Also he has taken to barking out random words and just raising his eyebrows super expectantly : like “BATHROOM”.. =  he has to poop and not only would he like for you to help with the wiping of his behind, he is also requesting your presence, just to keep him company… DUH.

First grade starts at the end of the month and he’s ready. He can read some words, is a freaking NINJA with the computer and by the looks of his handwriting he is destined to be a doctor. 

This summer Aiden and Nicole have fallen in love. He thinks she is the BOMB DIGGITY and Nicole loves it and spoils her baby brother rotten. Emily is still his best friend and he has taken to calling her EM.


  This brings us to EMILY. She is 8, and she is INTENSE. image

Um, she is like 8 years old and she is Um like all about UM fashion and she will TELL you what she is wearing today THANK YOU VERY MUCH. 

O, my fancy girl. Tall and GANGELY she is going to be taller than me by the 4th grade. There are no remnants of that almost 10 pound baby, she is all big kid now. She is over 4 feet and weighs 50ish pounds. LOVES to read and make up stories for her brother (there is always a princess and she is always in distress.) She can swim and play soccer like a pro.

Her special power  :   A MASTER at working the system. 

EXAMPLE:  “Mom, Aiden and I are going to have a rock sale and we are going to make lots of money, and we are going to make BEAUTIFUL rocks and we will make you a special I LOVE MOM rock, OK? “

Now, a normal person would be all, OHHH. What a NICE sister and daughter, making pretty rocks. Aren't they cute having a rock sale! And that normal person would say, YES! – Great Idea, have your rock sale!

BUT. I . KNOW . HER : allow me to translate: “Mom, I’m using the paint.”

SEE! See how good she is? Because TECHNICALLY she asked you and TECHNICALLY she did say she would be making pretty rocks.. So it’s not like she LIED or anything.

She’s good I tell you. and she is absolutely the sweetest and most snuggly child on earth. She can fold herself in a ball on your lap and puts up no fight while you squeeze and smooch her. She is my baby girl.


The Name is GOO..


This: webcam pic + tie-dyed t-shirt, it’s like her uniform. . Aiden and Emily still call her Gooey.

She is 16 & loving every minute of it.

This summer she gots herself a JOB. with a capital J.

She is employed as my most trusted day care provider. She drives the MOM VAN and takes her siblings to Summer Reading program at the library. My return to work outside of our home has been made 2000 times easier because of her. She handles her sister and brother with more patience and maturity than most adults are capable of. I could not be more proud of her. Also, 2 afternoons a week, she works for her Granny doing housework and any errands she might need.  

Last week she joined a competitive cheer team. To say that she is excited would be such an understatement. This same week she did her back tuck standing and with a round off. This is a HUGE DEAL . Every November she has stressed and psyched herself out of her back handspring right before the school cheer tryouts.  This year it will be so easy for her. She is PUMPED.

She is still dating Brad at the time of this writing. They have been dating for over a year. They are good influences on each other. He wants her to take all honors classes with him and she teaches him to have patience with his younger brother. A WIN WIN for Team Deatle.. (this is a MONSTERS vs. ALIENS reference if your confused.)


This is Sadie.

She is SUSPICOUS of my intentions with the camera and would like for her photo session fee to be paid in CHEESE.



Well that’s all I got. I was hoping to do National Blog Posting Month, but it appears that I missed YESTERDAY: the FIRST.  So I’m going to aim for at least posting once a week. 


Why bother you ask?

SO I DON’T forget all these funny moments!


PS. I have been doing Couch to 5k and while I do suck, I’m getting better!


July 2011


The Dad’ster. Happy Day 2011



Duty calls.

Best Dad ever is working on Daddy Day 2011.

We love you!


Bat Boy


Crazy boy

At the baseball game a few nights ago, he put the sunglasses on AFTER the sun went down..


O this girl! 

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